Client: Microgreen Farm

Challenge: Write a Welcome Email Sequence while spotlighting specific microgreens. 

The Goal: Create an inviting sequence that will encourage local consumers to opt into auto-delivery after their first box of microgreens.

Solution: After discussing the needs of an email sequence with the client, I came up with the idea to write a 6-email series–a welcome email (they receive after they purchase their first box) and 5 additional emails, each spotlighting a specific microgreen pack this farm offers. While these emails are informational, they are also packed with the benefits of consuming their microgreens as well as the farmer’s encouraging advice to continue the health journey they are on. I highlighted these microgreens in a way that will encourage people to keep eating their microgreens and enjoy doing it. 

By giving each of her microgreens its own “spotlight email”, consumers are able to see the benefits of each individual microgreen she offers. By doing this, this Microgreen Farm is making it easier for their consumers to get the information they require. [The alternative is searching through a long document listing all the available microgreens out there or experiencing the overwhelm of a google search on a specific microgreen.] 

I have included the first and second emails in the series here. If you are interested in working with me, please reach out. This Client has permitted me to share my work as needed. I cannot add the entire series to my site as it is too easy to duplicate.

Email Series Examples
Email Series Examples