Client: Blue Heron Coffeehouse

Challenge: Blue Heron had a new email platform and needed to increase subscribers.

The Goal: Create a simple, yet beautiful piece that will pop-up within their website to guide readers to enter their email and join their email list.

Solution: Blue Heron likes to keep their business classy, yet simple. I created a beautiful pop-up, in their brand colors. The success message matches the pop-up.

Blue Heron wanted to update their entire online structure. I helped them from start to finish, with their website (writing and design on DIVI), integrating their email marketing platform, writing their first email, creating their popup and increasing their overall SEO score. Within the first week of going live, their SEO score increased significantly and had a total of 325 keywords. They are currently in the ‘great’ category in terms of SEO and it will only get better!

BH Popup portfolio
BH Popup portfolio