Client: Kickapoo Valley CDL Training

Challenge: Design their 4-page website within their chosen “VIP Day” using DIVI.

The Goal: Create a cohesive and informational website with a clear user journey and CTA’s.

Solution: Kickapoo Valley CDL Training provided their written content and images. They needed a 4-page website fast. I broke up & reworded copy within their site to make the words flow and give them a nice user journey. They sent me their ‘privacy policy’ and a ‘terms & conditions’ and I added a ‘cookie’ plugin. I added all three of these policies into their site as per our specific agreement. Once completed, I gave written directions and short instructional videos to give them the independence needed to update or edit any page when needed.

Kickapoo Valley CDL Training is a new business that needed to completely setup their website. I offered recommendations and guidance while they registered their domain name and set up their hosting account (through email before our project was set to begin). In this case, I helped connect their domain and hosting as well as install WordPress. The final step before I could get started was installing the DIVI Theme Builder. I delivered by the end of the day and the client was happy. 

I crawled their site 4 days after going live–their SEO score was at a healthy 97.

I provide meta tags and descriptions for every page I complete, which is important for SEO. I offer to crawl the sites I work on twice monthly and make any changes (noted within our agreement) for 2 months following our VIP Day.

**Please note** I did not include a link to the website (although it can be easily googled if you would like to see it). My goal is to offer you the freedom to make simple edits yourself so you don’t have to pay for monthly maintenance fees. I offer short instructional videos and written instructions (if you prefer). While I don’t offer comprehensive training on the website platform I use, I give you the tools you need to feel comfortable making the edits required for your specific case. If you edit often or have more technical changes, I would recommend a maintenance plan.