Client: Blue Heron Coffeehouse

Challenge: Write and design their website.

The Goal: Create a simple, yet beautiful website that Blue Heron can be proud of and feel comfortable editing once complete.

Solution: Blue Heron wanted to update their website and make it more user-friendly for them to keep their edits in-house.

I helped them completely redo their website as well as set up/integrate a new email marketing program. I wrote and designed (DIVI/WordPress) their new website in their tone and voice. It has a minimalistic and beautiful feel. It has 20 pages, including a ‘404 error’ and a ‘Thank You’ popup for subscribers. Once completed, I gave written directions and short instructional videos to give them the independence needed to update or edit any page when needed. Blue Heron is a café and update their menu and artists featured frequently.

Blue Heron wanted to update their entire website. I helped them from start to finish, with their website (writing and design on DIVI), integrating their email marketing platform, writing their first email, creating their popup and increasing their overall SEO score. Within the first week of going live, their SEO score increased significantly and had a total of 325 keywords. I continued to crawl their site every two weeks and make necessary changes per our agreement. Once completed, their SEO score was 98, which is excellent!

**Please note** I did not include a link to the website I created as they update frequently and some content will change (although it can be easily googled if you would like to see it). My goal is to offer you the freedom to make simple edits yourself so you don’t have to pay for monthly maintenance fees. I offer short instructional videos and written instructions (if you prefer). While I don’t offer comprehensive training on the website platform I use, I give you the tools you need to feel comfortable making the edits required for your specific case. If you edit often or have more technical changes, I would recommend a maintenance plan.